Thursday, March 26, 2009

JC Penney, How I love Thee!

For a few years now I've sort of pooh-poohed JC Penney, seeing it as the Wal-mart of the mall. Although, a couple of years ago my sister was telling me that they'd really upped their image and had some great home decor items. I still wasn't a believer, until today that is.

We just had the dining room painted and I have desperately been searching for drapes - without ANY luck. I had resolved to make my own, and at the last minute decided to stop in JC Penney for a look-see before heading to the fabric store.


They have AMAZING drapes, and window treatments of all kinds. I was really impressed. So impressed that I spent $150.00. I found the perfect pair of drapes, but I do have to go back and have them ordered in a longer size. I even bought some throw pillows. They had soooo much stuff, that I dared not venture past the window treatments for fear that I would go broke.

So, here I sit (or stand) corrected on my view of JC Penneys. You are no longer the Wal-mart of the mall. You are now the TJ Maxx of the Mall - and what a compliment that is!

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Jill Mc said...

That's where I got my curtains too!